Greetings, It is a pleasure to meet you all.
I am Ion, Fon Master and the rightful leader of the order of Lorelei.

Please do feel free to stay and and chat for a bit, I do not mind.
(( This is a RP-blog for the 'Original' Ion from 'Tales Of The Abyss' , wich is part of the IseliaRP group ))

M!A: None.

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Send me a message.

I don’t bite.

I just get distracted by crap.

If you want a starter, send me a message.

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If you have some random idea you want to mess around with, send me a message.

IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE AN RP let me know! I may have missed it!

I SWEAR I WILL NOT HARM YOU though you may become a little dumber from my infectious derp.



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Luke was slightly taken back by the boy’s remark. Then he noticed the air around the boy felt differently from the Ion he knew. Well….given everything Luke had already gone though this actually wasn’t hard for the read head to accept.

 ”Ah- I’m sorry. I guess you just looked like my friend.” Luke rubbed the back of his head nervously. 


“Anyways…..That was almost a close call with that monster. I’m happy I got there in time…..Are you traveling by yourself right now?”

Green eyes turned to Luke again, 
a hint of curiosity could be seen in the boy’s face. 
This boy knew the replica personally?
At another glance he could figure that this young man must be of a high-stature family, -noble even. The clothes he wore was of a finer fabric than the common trash. 

Either way, this stranger had pretty much saved him from being killed by the liger.
He deserved to at least be thanked properly.
He gave Luke a tired smile as he spoke. 

 "I…I am. 
… It seems like I have done so for quite some time now.
Might I know your name?

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Luke kept his guard up when the Liger went to attack again. Although Luke was prepared for it. After parrying the attack Luke went on the offensive yet again and slashed at the beast.

The battle continued for a few more minutes until Luke eventually slayed the Liger. 

Luke turned around to check on the boy he had saved and stopped in his tracks when he saw the boy’s face.


“Ion?….Is that you?”


He blinked. 
For a moment he wondered how this young man could know his name. 
He could not recall ever seeing him. 
Then it hit him; 
It was not he the red-haired boy talked about, at least it could not be. 
For what he knew, this one could be talking about that fake that has taken his place. 
This boy was probably a follower, someone following the score like anyone else. 

He stood silent for a moment, then turned away his eyes. 


"…I’m sorry, you must be mistaken." 
he said with a voice unmistakably like Ion’s Luke know, yet his eyes were different somehow. 

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Luke was traveling alone. He had just got done visiting Mieu now that the cheagle was once again living in the Cheagle Woods. It was a nice visit, but Luke still found Mieu kinda annoying.

Slowly he made his way back on the road to Engeve. The road had been quite for the most part, but up ahead Luke spotted a liger about to attack a boy. Sensing the danger the other one was in Luke drew his sword and prepared to fight the Liger. 

“Fang Blade” Luke yelled as he slashed the monster.

“Stay behind me! I’ll take care of this.” Luke told the kid as his focused remained on the Monster.


The sudden attack on the Liger surprised him he turned his head towards the one who attacked and noticed a young man with short red hair.
As he yelled to stay behind him Ion did not hesitate, he knew he could not do much with his artes right now anyway. 

The Liger roared in anger as it bared it’s fangs towards the red-haired stranger, it was mot too seriously wounded, but it has become a lot more angrier.
Now it had it’s eyes set on Luke.

With another roar it leapt towards
 the young man, ready to tear him apart.    

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It was scolding hot this day. 
The sun was shining high in the clear blue sky.

With a shaky hand-movement he wiped away some sweat drops from his forehead.
The former Fon master did not handle heat very well, his body felt heavy and he easily got a hard time breathing.

He breathed out for a moment as he stopped to look around.
He sighted a town not too far away, maybe if he would hurry he could be there before the sun set at least. 

A lurking movement in the corner of his eye made him turn his head.
behind him at his side a wolf-like monster lurked, it started to slowly circle the boy, growling slightly.

Ion gritted his teeth.  
This was not good, his energy was already low from the long journey. 

"I-I don’t have time for this…"  

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I-I cant…
This… This cannot be happening!
Has my sickness gone this far?
No, no no no NO!
Th-this cannot be!

His hands were shaking as they moved across his face in a confused movement.
Nothing, there was only darkness before his eyes.
Not a single strand of light, no movements, nothing.
He tried to focus his sight, trying to at least see his hands. 

He cringed his teeth as he tried to breathe as calmly as possible, getting into a panic would not do him good.  
His eyes had been fine yesterday, at least of what he could remember, he had been feeling pretty bad the day before though. 
Hands still shaking he stood up from the bed, trying ti feel the wall for the way to the door.

The Inn he currently stayed at was not very grand, far from it in fact, but it was the only place he could afford right now. The room he had rented was not a big place, but good enough to stay in at the moment.

He drew a shaky breath as he finally found the door, he needed some fresh air.

There was no one else up at this early hour that would question his strange behavior  or they did not simply care.
The only thing on the green-haired boy’s mind was to get out, get out and clear his head and try to think this through.

As he got out a chilly morning breeze greeted him, he shivered a little as he moved himself away from the Inn.
His head was rushing with thoughts.
This blindness could just be something that would not stay, yet it could also be a permanent state.
The darkness before his eyes made him feel at a disadvantage, 
irritated, weak.
He hated it!
He feared the thought, even!

He clinched his fists as he once again took a deep breath.

"Curse this…"  

He did not notice the sound of footsteps getting closer to his direction. 

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Anonymous said:

See No Evil: My Character is blind. 3hrs

It feels like this is a comeback of sorts XD
Syync is that you who sent me thiis??ARE U THEH ANON?? 



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Sync froze. It seemed like his original knew all of his weaknesses… But how was this so? “I… I am trash…”

He bit his lip. It was something that he had admitted many times before but this time seemed different. “I really am. I’m worthless… I wasn’t able to be your replacement and I know that. I’m only stronger because I managed to live… It doesn’t change the fact that I am still useless…”

"But do you still have the will to live?
would you still fight for your life as you did back then?”

The boy gave out a short, bitter laugh.
Disgusting. Utterly disgusting.
claiming the right to live just to see yourself as junk. 
That’s right…
This world is just filled with disgusting trash.

"Otherwise, I could of course change that!
I could just get rid of your disgusting face right now!
Show me why you deserve to live!”

He clenched his fists.
He knew he was still weak - he was still sick.
But yet he drew breath.
He had asked himself many times before how it was possible, but he could not give himself the answer of why.
Why was he still alive? and more than that, why did he still have this cursed sickness??
Still, he had enough power to finish this.. thing, off if he chose to.